Seed studios - electroacoustic Workshops


A series of 5 workshops covering different aspects of electroacoustic composition with users of the Broomwood Wellbeing Centre & Seed Studios. 


Over the course of 5 (3 hours each) workshops I aimed to approach electroacoustic composition from different angles, allowing for each workshop to be independent, while supporting a continuous progression for regular attendees. Although focusing on the electroacoustic medium, I ensured that the skills and techniques learnt could be applied to a variety of musical forms. The Broomwood members who attended the workshops were engaged with the tasks at hand and keen to try things out even if a lot of it was brand new. The lack of computers meant that all workshops had to be done with physical mediums, from field recording, to multichannel diffusion. All sounds created by these workshops have been sent to composer Danny Saul to create a new electroacoustic piece.  

1: Listening and Field Recording.

Going through a condensed version of R. Murray Schafer's Ear cleaning exercises and applying them to field recording techniques. Learning to be conscious of the sounds around us, and ways to describe them. Participants then made field recordings while going through a list of exercises.

2: Audio Synthesis & Graphic scores

Looking at basics of synthesis using analogue equipment (available at Seed Studios) and creating electroacoustic gestures textures. Learning about oscillators, filters, envelopes & modulation and how these can be applied to any sound. Once the basics were grasped, participants were asked to react to graphic scores before creating their own and swapping them with other participants. 

3: Transformations / audio processing

Exploring ways to transform audio using effects and processing, taking them to the extreme for unusual results: reverb, delays, re-sampling, down-sampling & more. In this session participants also made impulse/responses of different rooms in the building to explore the idea of reverberation.

4: Live performance in electronic music

Exploring and discussing the idea of performing electronic music live, and the idea of ‘liveness’. Comparing methods used for this, and how each can be suitable for different purposes/outcomes.

5: Immersive audio & Surround sound

Audio with more that 2 channels and how that can be utilised for installation work, film mixing and sound diffusion (acousmoniums). We created a 10 channel system using all the guitar amps and speakers available, moving audio around and exploring the use of surround sound.

Modular Synth workshops


A series fortnightly of workshops on the Hordijk Modular at the University of Manchester. Covering the basics of the synthesiser, and individual modules / uses.

First session with special guest: Sam Weaver:

Diffusion Workshops

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 11.00.44.png

Diffusion workshops on the 48-channel MANTIS system, taking participants through the functionality of the system and ways to approach sound diffusion. The rest of the workshop is very hands on, giving pointers as we go along.

multichannel workshops

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 11.14.53.png

Editing and working with multichannel audio in the NOVARS studio1 (32-channel surround). Looking at useful plugins, how to approach the medium and different multichannel composition techniques.

Recording workshop

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 11.25.21.png

Recording workshop for Brighter Sound MCR as part of the young composers: Disruption x Emergent residency. The workshop consisted of using experimental microphones, speakers and extended techniques to generate unusual sounds out of a grand-piano for later arranging & processing.