Teaching / Tutoring

1 on 1 / seed studios

1 on 1 tutoring for Seed Studios, working with volunteers and adults with difficulties realising their projects. This could involve recording, mixing, sound processing, DAW experience, live performance preparation, or other requirements.

3rd year tutoRing / University of manchester

Drop in sessions and tutoring for the music undergraduate course at the university of Manchester. These are to help guide the students electroacoustic compositions as part of their final portfolio submission.

Sonic invention / university of manchester

Teaching the first year undergraduate course ‘sonic invention’ at the university of Manchester. This course includes a introduction to electroacoustic composition and ProTools as a compositional tool. From the basics of properly saving a session and creating/editing audio clips, sound transformations and automation to use of gestures and textures in composition. The course outcome is a 3-4 minute electroacoustic piece, either stand alone or to a provided visual element. All students must use the same 10 base starting sounds and demonstrate understanding of transformative tools and arrangement to create something unique.