Audio cleaning & Mixing for documentaries & short films.

  • Using professional industry audio cleaning tools (Izotope RX8) to clean audio recorded in less than Ideal situations. (removing wind noise / reducing background noise).

  • Processing tracks for continuity.

  • Mixing audio levels.

  • Vocal processing for narration (EQ, Compressor, Gate, de-ess etc. . .).

See previous projects below.

What we do here

Mini-doc about the B15 model-making worksop. Presented at the Venice Biennale.

Los Angeles Independent Shorts Film Festival: Silver for Best Editing and Bronze for Best Documentary Short

Border people

Mini Doc by Dr. Elena Barabantseva.

When Borders Lie Within: Ethnic Marriages and Illegality on the Sino‐Vietnamese Border’.

Practising Aesthetics

Documentation of the Network’s Workshop Six Practising Aesthetics, held in Manchester from April 12th-14th 2018. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust.