Gōngàn (10:39) is an 8ch electroacoustic composition blending field recording and studio recorded/generated sounds. The composition and spatial movement is informed by gestures found in field recordings over four different settings; two from urban soundscapes: tramline & vintage games arcade, and two rural: Buddhist temple & farm. In an attempt to capture the life in these areas, and how they interact with the space, recordings include living beings such as humans, dogs, hedgehogs, birds & bees (amongst others). The piece reflects on the loud 'in your face' noise in urban and human habited areas against the dense layers of microscopic sounds in nature and rural places. Placing a range of mono, stereo, quadrophonic and ambisonic (B-format) recordings on an eight-channel array utilising the 8ch spacial image which is then sculpted and morphed. Part of the concept for the piece was to oscillate between a source-bound and surreal soundscape. Utilising the sounds contained within the field recordings and overly focusing on a single element or transforming them while keeping a clear relationship to its source.

Premiered at the Sound & Environments conference: Hull (city of culture 2017). 

8ch download available on demand. 

Photo: Nadine.f.Oliver