"Dujat is a producer and sound designer currently residing in Manchester, UK. A French national raised in China, Dujat’s inborn wanderlust sees him capturing field recordings in the most alien of earthly locations. As though crafting the otherworldly soundscapes to some post-apocalyptic wasteland the cause of which humanity is yet to invent, Dujat masterfully balances the startling and abrasive with the quietly sublime.

Taking influence from the likes of Jon Hopkins, Amon Tobin, and Nicholas Jaar, Dujat’s characteristic brand of Electronica plants organic samples at the centre of his work, branching outwards in reaction alongside intricate, schizophrenic percussion, binaural electronic sound design, and nuanced, ephemeral harmony.

Dujat has shared the stage with Daisuke Tanabe and Worriedaboutsatan as well as labelmate and frequent live collaborator, Jecht Rye.

Dither will be released digitally through Manchester collective This City Is Ours on September 02 2016." -TCIO

Interview with Electric North


'Ming' - vocals by @Faloci

'For Whom Dusk Is Dawn' - piano by @ClemRight, guitars and select synths by @Sleepdebt, vocals by @Faloci

'No Bird' - drums by Lee Corefield, guitars by @andrew_johnnnn, vocals by @Faloci

All tracks written by Guillaume Dujat
Mastered by Paul O'Brien at Pob Audio Mastering
Artwork by Charles Yi